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3+ hours of video content, 9 lessons, 18 downloads and printable lists and access to a CLOSED Facebook Page for private chats + a FREE Copy of "Nobody Tells You...100 Truths about Pregnancy, Birth and Parenthood"

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FREE Copy of "Nobody Tells You..."

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This is the book that all new parents need. It is the book you want when you are glued to the sofa feeding your baby. It is the one you buy your best friend when she announces her pregnancy. It is the book you will refer to time and time again. It’s the book that your partner, to his surprise, enjoys reading and recommends to his friends. It’s the book that you can rely upon to let you know about all the things that “Nobody Tells You...” Get your FREE copy when you buy our Online Antenatal Classes.
Get Your FREE Copy When You Buy Our Online Antenatal Classes

A Small Price to Pay for Complete Confidence

Whether you are 4 weeks or 40 weeks pregnant, this course is for you. Our detailed videos and downloads and beautiful hardback book contain everything you need for the months ahead and are packed full of information and advice to get you off to the best start in parenthood.

What Does the Pregnancy Preparation Pack Include?

3+ hours of video content, 9 lessons, 18 downloads and printable lists and access to a CLOSED Facebook Page for private chats + a FREE Copy of "Nobody Tells You...100 Truths about Pregnancy, Birth and Parenthood"

  • 1. Staying Healthy and Feeling Good - exercise, alcohol, pelvic floor, sex and much more

  • 2. Aches and Pains and Complications - things to look out for and how to deal with it all

  • 3. Hospital Birth or Home Birth, what to expect as labour begins. When to go to hospital.

  • 4. Stages of Labour, how to breathe and how to push. Will you do a poo?

  • 5. Pain Relief - Natural and Medical Forms- all you need to know

  • 6. Assisted Delivery and Caesarean Section. 1 in 3 women give birth by C Section, make sure you are know what to expect.

  • 7. What to Expect After Your Birth in the first few hours, days and weeks.

  • 8. The Postnatal Period- Psychological and Physical Changes and things to look out for.

  • 9. How to Care for Your Baby and When to Worry. Advice for you and your partner.

  • FREE Copy of "Nobody Tells You..." RRP £17

What people are saying about us!

“We cannot recommend A Mother Place enough. As a medic myself, I was sceptical about the more "traditional" classes, so when my midwife recommended these classes, I had a look online and was immediately impressed - the content, presentation, testimonials, cost - it ticked all of our boxes. Roger and Becca were quite simply FANTASTIC! They struck the balance of giving information perfectly - catering for my medical curiosity, with evidence based and experiential anecdotes, both from a practising clinician but also from a mother who was not afraid to tell it how it really is. ”

Gaby RoseGaby Rose

“I really liked the teachers because they had a great sense of humour and were very honest about the whole experience of birth and pregnancy. Compared to other mums I knew who did traditional courses, I felt I got a lot out of the A Mother Place sessions since they were taught by an experienced obstetrician and an experienced mother. My friends who did traditional classes said they were just fed the standard information they could get from books. ”

Cleo KohCleo Koh

“Paul and I would like to say a HUGE thank you to you. We thoroughly enjoyed this and would highly recommend them to all our friends/family who are pregnant. We loved your style and approach and the information provided empowered us to make informed decisions. This made for a positive birthing experience despite it going very differently to what we expected”

Georgie OliverGeorgie Oliver

“My husband and I have just completed the digital pack and were super impressed with the content and information on offer! We’ve not found a local class we are able to attend due to scheduling and this has been a perfect alternative for us, has answered an awful lot of questions that we had and has given us a real confidence boost on the run up to our first baby. Thank you very much for this valuable resource”

Claire LoxamClaire Loxam

“There is so much information, all of which I can access whenever it is convenient for me via my iPhone and ipad. The digital pack was really easy to use in bite sized format. I also feel like I am learning more specific information than I am getting from my NHS antenatal class and my midwife. What's been nice about the course is you get some more details of different experiences. And I think it's good that you don't shy away from some of the more negative experiences e.g. what can go wrong during birth, and what you can expect to happen to your body in the days after the birth. I feel a more well informed and empowered as a result of your course. ”

Jo ThompsonJo Thompson

“Being first time parents and the first of our friends to have a baby we wanted to know what could expect from pregnancy, birth and the newborn days so we would be as prepared as possible. We learnt so so much, and it didn’t feel like learning, it was fun and relaxed. We would 100% recommend the classes. I had such a fantastic birth experience and I put that largely down to information I learned during the classes. They helped us have a better idea of what to expect in the different stages of birth and what options were open to us. I really do believe my experience of birth wouldn’t have been as positive had we not done the classes. ”

Tilly Barfield JonesTilly Barfield Jones

“A Mother Place appealed to us when we were looking for antenatal classes because they are fact based – there is a lot of comfort knowing you will be taught by an ob-gyn and a mum. We loved that the classes were informative and covered all options and potential complications. I also loved the feeling of finding our “village” and support that this gave us especially in the postnatal period.”

Rohini RegunathanRohini Regunathan

During this unique but nerve-wracking time you need honest and reliable advice at a time and place convenient to you.

  • Learn in Your Own Time

    Take your antenatal classes at a time and a place convenient to you. Most classes will not let you start until you are 30 weeks. With our classes you can start at 4 weeks or 40 weeks, it is up to you. You can do them on the sofa or even on the train, the choice is yours.

  • Created and Presented by Experts

    Did you know that most pregnancy classes are not taught by medical professionals? A Mother Place classes are created and presented by Obstetrician and Gynaecologist Roger Marwood MsC FRCOG.

  • Balanced and Evidence-based Information

    Pregnancy can be nerve-wracking and we believe that everyone deserves access to advice that is Honest, Reliable, Up-to-date and Evidence based. We do not scare-monger and we do not sugar-coat. These classes will help you to feel relaxed, confident, empowered and supported at this unique time in your life.


  • How long is the course?

    This premium course is made up of 9 classes. Each class is made up of a 20 minute video and some downloads but it is up to you how fast or slowly you take

  • When can I do the course?

    Unlike traditional classes, you can start this class at any time during your pregnancy, it is never too late or too early to start. You can come back and do it as many times as you like on multiple devices.

  • What if I have already done another antenatal class?

    You may find there is still lots to learn, many classes do not cover absolutely everything, so we hope to fill in any gaps in your knowledge.

  • How is this course different to a traditional face-to-face course

    You will learn exactly the same information as on our face-to-face courses but in the comfort of your own home, at your own pace. If you have any questions, we are happy to answer them in our PRIVATE Facebook group which you will be invited to join.

  • Is doing this course as effective as doing a face-to-face course?

    For some couples, this may be better than a face-to-face course as you can find a time convenient to you both, or you can each do it in your own time. You may also review the content as many times as you like.

  • I am undecided, can I ask some more questions?

    Of course, we would love to hear from you. Please email hello@amotherplace.com

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